Whether you work with, love, parent, or just care about someone with special needs, you’ve come to the right place. Click below if you are ready for special education consulting.

As a special education consultant, I have spent years learning about the best approach to helping students succeed. That is always my number one priority and the reason that I continue educating parents and teachers about the benefits of supporting their students. I love making an impact and you’ll love all the support that you get from using my services. 

Many parents look at special education as adversarial and, in many cases, it can be without the right support. I take my years of experience, ability to recognize what students need, and a collaborative plan between teachers and parents to come up with plans that are specialized and help students succeed with their education. With my support, students are able to have a higher chance of success. 

My personalized special education consulting plans are designed to provide support three-fold: students, parents, and teachers. I work with teachers and have been a special education teacher so I know what is important to those who are working in this special field. Because of this, I’m able to provide a more balanced approach. I create plans that will make the job easier instead of creating unnecessary burdens.

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