Teachers Need Teachers Podcast Feature

Teachers need all the support they can get! Check out my two-part interview on the Teachers Need Teachers podcast all about how General Education Teachers can support Special Education Teachers! 

Listen to Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE.

Create an IEP You Can Be Proud Of - A Blue Umbrella Collective Feature

Want to create an IEP you and the entire team can be proud of? Check out my article, as featured in the Blue Umbrella Collective!

Download it HERE.

Holiday Newsletter for Parents

Check out what’s new in the Special Education world and use my tips to get you and your family through the holiday season.

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IEP Goal Developer

Use this IEP Goal Developer to keep you on track when creating new goals or modifying existing ones.

Download it HERE.

Fun Sheet for Parents

Are you having fun each week? Use this fun tracker to make sure you are prioritizing fun in your life.

Download it HERE.

end of week check in

End of Week Check In PowerSheet

Take the time to “check in” at the end of each week and chart how you are feeling, what you need, successes, failures, and more.

Download it HERE.

November 2019 Newsletter

This month we are talking about thankfulness, as well as learning about a new App, and getting a little insight into how the law works. 

Download it HERE.

Tips for When the "Honeymoon" Ends - PowerSheet

So many of our kids start the school year off strong and then once the newness and excitement of the school year wear off students start to struggle. Use this PowerSheet to help you stay on track.

Download it HERE.

October 2019 - Monthly Newsletter

Stay up to date with all of the latest news and tips related to special education. Download the FREE newsletter today!

IEP Success - Note-Taking PowerSheet

We all want the IEP to succeed and taking great notes during the meetings can aide in that. Download your FREE note-taking worksheet here.

Your "to NOT do" List - PowerSheet

Of course we all love our to-do lists, but have you ever tried a NOT to do list? Download yours here.

September 2019 - Newsletter

Finding yourself overwhelmed by the start of the school year? Use these tips for how to handle IEP meetings and goals, as well as my recommendations going into the fall. Download here.


Back to School Checklist

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to start the school year strong. Download this back to school checklist and you’ll be on track for a successful year! Download here.

negative thought dump worksheet

Negative Thought Dump Worksheet

Struggling with negative thoughts when it comes to Special Education or heading back to school? Use this worksheet to help you eliminate those thoughts and improve the school year from this point forward. Download here.

August newsletter

Back to School Edition - August Newsletter

Grab the August 2019 Newsletter and stay up to date on goals, meetings tips, organizations making a difference, freebies, and more! Download here.

Finding the Help You Need

This worksheet helps you evaluate what kind of support you want and need to be the superhero you know you are! Remember, there are NO wrong answers and NOTHING is too much! Be honest with yourself- you don’t have to do this alone! Download here.

Initial IEP Meeting PowerSheet

Depending on the areas that your child was assessed in, the professionals attending will vary BUT, there are certain people that always need to attend. Use this IEP meeting power sheet to help keep track of who is who at the meeting. Download here.

connecting the dots

Connecting the Dots PowerSheet

Does the idea of helping to create an IEP overwhelm you and leave you feeling like you don’t have anything to offer to the team? Do you end up leaving the IEP meeting feeling like what was created doesn’t represent your child or is enough to meet their needs? Use this PowerSheet to Connect the Dots. Download here.

June 2019 newsletter

June 2019 Newsletter

Grab the June 2019 Newsletter and stay up to date on goals, meetings tips, organizations making a difference, freebies, and more! Download here.

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